5 Tips for Cutting Tomatoes

How many tasty tomatoes are wasted because they're butchered by the wrong knife? See more pictures of heirloom tomatoes.
Photo courtesy of LakeCounty.gov

The tomato is perhaps the most useful fruit-mistaken-for-vegetable in our culinary arsenal. You'll find it in Indian masala sauce, South African bredie, Italian marinara and the good-old U.S. house salad. Unfortunately, you'll also find it in many a trash can after a poor cutting job turns it to mush.

It doesn't take much talent to cut a tomato well, but it does take some care. Here, five tips to help you turn a beautiful tomato into a slice, a chunk or a perfect, tiny square you can be proud of.

Cutting a great tomato begins with, yes, a great tomato.

Tip No. 1: Choose wisely.