10 Most Labor-Intensive Desserts

Wedding Cake
Some wedding cakes require a team and several days just to decorate.
Some wedding cakes require a team and several days just to decorate.

In 2011, the average wedding cake in the U.S. cost around $480, according to the BRIDES Magazine American Wedding Study. But some fetch an even higher price -- Kim Kardashian dropped around $20,000 on a 10-layer, 1,900-slice cake covered in chocolate chip frosting for her August 2011 nuptials. And that's nothing compared to the $40,000, 12-tier, 6-foot (1.82-meters) tall cake decorated with thousands of handmade sugar flowers that Liza Minnelli and David Gest featured at their 2002 wedding. That's certainly a testament to the vast amount of labor and time that goes into creating each one, as well as the significance it holds as a traditional part of American weddings. But what's money when you're buying the dessert you'll start your new life with?

Next to the dress, the cake is the showcase piece at a wedding. Cakes can take weeks to make, featuring intricate details, many flavors and sometimes even moving parts -- all customized to reflect the couple's tastes or the wedding's style. Whether it's traditional white with delicate flowers, or something more whimsical and colorful, wedding cakes are some of the most elaborate and labor intensive desserts you'll find. That's why they top our list.

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