Desserts can be sweet, savory, hot or cold. Read about how to make a warm pie or try your hand at creating your own ice cream. Learn how to prepare a delicious sweet treat that will surely be a palate pleaser.


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Marzipan Is the Sweet Almond Treat You Need This Holiday

Some form of marzipan can be dated back to ancient Egypt. But today this sweet confection is as traditional a holiday treat as they get.

Who Invented the Fortune Cookie?

You crack open the fortune cookie at the end of your meal and ... well, it may not exactly tell your future, but who doesn't secretly hope it promises something fabulous?

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Instant Carbonated Ice Cream

Yep – carbonated ice cream that doesn't have to be shipped frozen could be a win-win for both environmentalists and ice cream lovers everywhere.

How the Shamrock Shake Became McDonald's Mintiest Legend

The Shamrock Shake is back at McDonald's and now it's celebrating its 50th anniversary. We're breaking down all the quirks that make it so legendary.

The Humble History of Pumpkin Pie

It's a pie. Filled with squash. Who in the world decided that was a good idea?

Bao Bing: A Sweet Treat That's Survived for Centuries

From as early as the 7th century, people have been eating this concoction of shaved ice, sweetened condensed milk and, yes, red beans.

Forget Soft Serve! Booza Is the Stretchy New Ice Cream Sensation

Booza is one of the oldest kinds of ice cream in the world, but this stretchy treat is bizarre news to most of us.

Japanese Scientists Invent Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt

Ice cream that won't melt sounds like an impossible idea, but it's available now in Japan.

Who invented salted caramel?

When a food gets the sweet-to-salty ratio just right, it's quite the recipe for pleasure. Salted caramel is one flavor that hits all the right taste buds. Leave it to a Frenchman to create the perfect sweet.

5 Special Occasion Cakes

Special occasions deserve special cakes that aren’t too hard to make.

Simple Decorations for Easy, Beautiful Birthday Cakes

Even the most inexperienced bakers can create gorgeous birthday cakes with little time and effort.

5 Fun Themes for Teen Birthday Cakes

These cake themes will even make teens that are too cool for birthdays happy.

7 Ways to Perk Up Boxed Cake Mix

Boxed cake mix is anything but boring when doctored even just a little bit.

Beyond Boxed Chocolate and Vanilla: 7 Wild and Delicious Birthday Cake Ideas

Life’s too short to only eat chocolate and vanilla cake. Spice up your next birthday party with some fun and unique cakes.

5 Tips for Beginning Cake Decorators

Decorating a cake isn’t hard if the proper prep work is done.

10 Most Labor-Intensive Desserts

How much time would you spend making a cake? An hour? 10 hours? A few days? We've compiled a list of the most labor-intensive -- and tastiest -- desserts out there.

5 Mouth-watering Macaroon Recipes

Macaroons have been around a long time, and we've tried every type of ingredient combination to get the most mouth-watering ones we could find. Here are our top five picks.

What's the next cupcake?

The cupcake craze was certainly a tasty one, but most foodies agree that the tiny cakes are already on their way out of fashion. Which delightful treat will take the cupcake's place?

Your Car Cakes

We asked YOU to submit your photos of car cakes for a chance to be featured during "Next Great Baker." Here are some of the honorable mentions.

Top 10 Most Extraordinary Baking Sensations

Giant cookies? Colossal cupcakes? Monster cannoli? It takes more than just a big mixing bowl to concoct some of these incredible baked goods.

10 Most Decadent Pastries Ever Conceived

Who doesn't want to dig their teeth into a delectable pastry? The creamy filling oozes onto your fingers. The pastry shell melts in your mouth. What are the world's greatest pastry inventions?

What's the Difference: Sponge Cake, Pound Cake, Gateau, Genoise

Sponge cakes, pound cakes -- they're all sweet and delicious, so what's the big difference? With a few ingredient tweaks, you can go from light and fluffy to buttery and filling.

America's Top 10 Favorite Baked Goods

Americans are fiercely protective and passionate about beloved foods and recipes -- and especially so when it comes to baked goods. What are some of our favorite regional dishes, hot out of the oven?

10 Traditional Cakes from Around the World

Have an extra piece of cake -- it's really just bread, right? You're more right than you know. Cakes started out as sweet breads, and now they're a part of cultures around the world.

Ultimate Cake Off Recipes

What pairs well with any meal? Cake, of course! Learn how to make these delicious confections created by the contestants of TLC's "Ultimate Cake Off".