10 Most Labor-Intensive Desserts


Any recipe that requires working with phyllo dough can be a pain, and baklava is no exception. Baklava's a Turkish, Greek and all-around Middle Eastern delight made up of layers of buttery, flaky phyllo dough wrapped around a mixture of nuts, sugar and spices and topped with a sweet, sticky syrup that makes it delicious.

The thing about phyllo is that you have to work quickly and methodically to keep the layers from drying out and curling up or sticking together. Also, you have to brush each layer of dough with melted butter -- usually between 9 and 20 sheets -- which can take a tremendous amount of time. And then there's the syrup, which itself can take about 20 minutes to boil down to the right consistency. Oh, but the final product is so worth the effort.

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