10 Tips for Biking Through Wine Country

Relax and Enjoy
If nothing else, make sure you enjoy your excursion through wine country.
If nothing else, make sure you enjoy your excursion through wine country.
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What's the point of bicycling through wine country if you don't have the time of your life? You chose this out-of-the-ordinary trip for a reason, so keep those reasons in mind. Balance is as important to a cycling trip through wine country as it is to pairing wine and food.

You want to travel through wine country because you're interested in wine and love the scenery and climate of those beautiful areas. You chose to travel by bike because you like the outdoors and an active lifestyle. Don't let either set of goals interfere with the other. Don't feel that you have to prove yourself as a cyclist. Choose a trip that won't be a strain. This is a pleasure trip, not a competition.

But don't forget that you're traveling by bicycle. Use common sense. Don't overindulge in the wine (or the food that goes along with it). Practice basic safety. Stay hydrated. Dress properly. Sleep well. After all, this is all about enjoying yourself. Savor the experience -- as you would a glass of fine wine.

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