10 Tips for Biking Through Wine Country

Don't Carry the Bottles

Touring wine country on a bicycle raises one obvious logistical problem. You don't want to carry fine bottles of wine on a bike. For one thing, you don't have room and don't need the extra weight. To make matters worse, bumping along in the great outdoors is no way to treat a bottle of wine. So, what if you discover a wine or two that you really like? Where there's a will, there's a way.

If you're participating in a fully supported tour, the tour operators will likely offer to transport any wine you buy to your hotel, or help you arrange for shipping wines to your home. Wineries may also offer discounts if a number of people in a tour group make purchases.

If you're on a self-guided tour with an accompanying sag wagon, there may be room for a few bottles of wine in the vehicle. Otherwise, most wineries will arrange shipping to your address of choice on a schedule that suits you.

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