10 Must-have Herbs and Spices in American Kitchens



Rosemary has a woody, earthy flavor.
Rosemary has a woody, earthy flavor.

Rosemary is an evergreen shrub that also belongs to the mint family. The plant has a bitter, woodsy taste. Like oregano, rosemary can be a powerful seasoning and should be paired with dishes that have bold flavors. It's also a versatile herb; cooks commonly pair rosemary with meats, root vegetables and hearty stews or soups. Winemakers combine its essential oils with dry white wines to produce vermouth.

If you want to add rosemary to your dish, slide your thumb and finger down a sprig to remove the leaves, adding them before you cook your food. Chopping the leaves will release the oils inside and increase the intensity of the flavors. You can include entire sprigs of rosemary or even use them as skewers -- just be sure to remove them before you sit down to enjoy your meal, or you may be in for a bitter surprise.