Top 10 Things You Can Make with Honey

We all know that bees make the thick, golden honey we love to eat, but do you know how they make it? See more pictures of insects.
© marcelo de la torre martin

Think honey is nothing more than nature's green tea sweetener? There are dozens of uses for the golden, sticky stuff, if you look beyond that cup of Lipton. People have been eating honey for ages, using it in baking, cooking, home remedies and yes, beverages. Our philosophy is simple: Everything is better (and sweeter) with a touch of honey.

Most folks know that honey comes from the nectar of flowering plants, but the details of how it's actually produced might surprise you. When bees collect the nectar, they swallow it and store it in a special honey stomach. They then regurgitate the nectar and pass it on to other worker bees, who repeat the process until it's ready to be applied to the honeycomb. In a way, honey is bee puke, but it's hands down the most delicious type of vomit on the planet.

So what can you do with those teddy bear-shaped bottles cluttering up the pantry? Sure, you can add a spoonful of honey to a serving of Greek yogurt, but to learn about 10 more interesting things you can make with honey listed in no particular order, read on.