How to Freeze Tomatoes

By: Chris Obenschain  | 

How to Freeze Stewed Tomatoes

Preparing stewed tomatoes for the freezer requires plenty of steps, but the results are well worth the labor. Before you can stew tomatoes, you've got to blanch them. Besides all the supplies you'll need for blanching (refer to the previous page), you'll require an additional pan, cooking spray or butter and whatever extra ingredients you'd like to add to your stewed tomatoes.

Yes, we said extra ingredients. Because you're actually cooking the tomatoes before freezing them, the rule we mentioned about adding spices, veggies and herbs after your tomatoes have thawed doesn't apply here. You have the option of preparing the stewed tomatoes so they're ready to thaw and serve as a side dish, or you can cook them and add the extras later. As for what to add, we like garlic, onions, zucchini and peppers.


Not taking into account any extras, this is the basic process for stewing tomatoes. Once you've blanched them, quarter the tomatoes or chop them into large chunks. Warm your pan, and coat it with cooking spray or butter. Add the tomatoes; cover and cook for 10 to 20 minutes. Place the stewed tomatoes in cold water to cool, then pour them into freezer-safe containers until you're ready to make a meal out of them.

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