10 Delicious Uses for Canned Beans

A Taste of History

We all know how important corn was to pre-colonial Native Americans -- and to the survival of the Puritan pilgrims at Plymouth Plantation after Squanto taught them how to grow corn. But corn alone didn't provide enough nutrients to be a mainstay of the Native American diet. Lima beans, frequently planted beside corn so the vines could climb up the corn stalk, were critical for providing protein and nutrients lacking in maize.

Just as the crops grew together, they were boiled together in a dish the Narraganset tribe called "msiquatash," which we know today as succotash. Even in the absence of meat, it met the majority of Native Americans' nutritional needs.

Native Americans and colonists had to go through a lot of work for a pot of succotash, but by using canned lima beans and corn, you can whip it up in a flash. Add tomatoes, onion, ham or bacon to the mix to bump up the flavor if you like.

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