10 Easy Recipes for Unexpected Guests


Pull out the Grill

Pull out the grill for a more social meal.
Pull out the grill for a more social meal.
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Grilled meats and vegetables typically cook quickly and can require very little prep time. Grilling is performance art, too. While your steaks, chicken or burgers are sizzling their way to mouth-watering deliciousness, you're giving your guests some fresh air, a few distractions and maybe even a laugh or two. Where grilling is concerned, the food is usually good, but the company and camaraderie are definitely great seasonings and provide the essential ingredients for a memorable visit. Add a simple salad from the kitchen, and you have a meal fit for your favorite people. Eating outdoors can be casual and easygoing too, cutting down on the stress and cleanup.

If you want a change from your regular grilling choices, try tantalizing mesquite-grilled salmon fillets. They're fast, easy and will give your guests something delicious to talk about.