10 Frightening Halloween Recipes


Monster Fingers and Toes

These cookies are the ultimate "finger food."

Whip up some sugar cookie dough. From scratch or premade, whichever works for you. You'll also need red food coloring and about 3/4 of a cup of blanched whole almonds. It's important the almonds are blanched -- you'll see why in a minute.

Take heaping teaspoons of your chilled dough and roll them out into finger shapes. You can roll them with the palm of your hand. Firmly press an almond into one end to make a fingernail. Try using a paring knife to make small slices on your cookie fingers to resemble a knuckle.

Remember that sugar cookies tend to spread out while baking. You might want to experiment first, making the dough shapes a little smaller than the desired final size.

After the cookies are baked and cooled, brush some of the red food coloring onto the almond to make fancy painted fingernails. If you want to get extra gross, make toe-shaped cookies as well and paint the nails green.