10 Great Casseroles on a Budget

Casseroles feed many, clean up quickly and can be made with almost anything. See more comfort foods pictures.

For the time-starved, putting a nutritious, tasty dinner on the table every night has always been a labor of love. For the budget-conscious, it's even more difficult, since in many cases healthy foods tend to cost more than bad-for-you ones.

There are ways around both time and money issues, though; one of them is called the casserole.

You probably know the most famous casserole of all time, consisting of green beans and cream of mushroom soup, among other ingredients, invented by Campbell's in the 1950s and served in homes throughout the United States to this day. Casseroles don't have to be a side dish, though. You can cook an entire meal in a casserole dish with relatively little effort and money (and fewer dishes once dinner's done).

Here, we've raided TLC's recipe book to bring you 10 of the great casseroles for the budget-conscious cook, including some light and lower-fat ones. A couple could be side dishes, and one could be dessert; but most of them combine everything you need for a nutritious, main-dish meal in one cook-and-serve pot.

First up: Breakfast, of course ...