Top 10 Breakfast in Bed Menus

Breakfast in bed is a kind treat for someone special.
Breakfast in bed is a kind treat for someone special.

If you want to make someone special feel like royalty, why not treat him or her to breakfast in bed? There's something especially luxurious about waking up to a tray of delicious food and drinks to ease you into the day. No need to climb out from under the covers; just tuck a napkin in your nightgown and feast away.

It does take a little planning to pull off breakfast in bed, however. You have to check that the person you're pampering doesn't have anywhere to be in the morning and that the menu suits his or her tastes. For instance, if someone's watching his waist, don't haul in a tray laden with high-calorie sticky buns and bacon.

Speaking of breakfast trays, don't attempt an in-bed meal without one. Sturdy trays ensure against scalding coffee spills, unfortunate egg yolk drippings and toast crumbs littering the bedding -- and the person dining in it. A versatile tray also allows you to add a special touch to the occasion. For a classic Mother's Day breakfast in bed, tuck a card beneath the napkin, or include the sports or business section of the newspaper for a lucky dad on his birthday.

If you're stumped on how else to whip the perfect breakfast-in-bed spread, these 10 themed menus should get you -- and your appetite -- started!