Top 10 Breakfast in Bed Menus


Father's Day

It's not just mom and the kids who appreciate a breakfast in bed treat. Dad also might like the occasional special breakfast, and Father's Day is a great opportunity to treat him. For dad's special day, make sure you know exactly what his favorite menu might be. Getting the kids in on the action is a fun part of the entire experience, so look for some helper jobs they can assist with. Sometimes it's a good idea to ask dad what he might like, but the surprise of a breakfast in bed is always fun if you want to make the day even more special.

Suggested Menu:

  • EntrĂ©e: Three egg Denver omelet
  • Side Dishes: Hash browns and fruit
  • Beverages: Coffee

For a Special Touch: Make dad his favorite coffee shop treat, whether it's a latte or mocha.

Recipes to Try: