Top 10 Breakfast in Bed Menus


Classic Mother's Day

Get kids involved in Mother's Day breakfast in bed.
Get kids involved in Mother's Day breakfast in bed.
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Every Mother's Day morning, fathers and children in neighborhoods far and wide tiptoe quietly into the kitchen to cook a special meal for moms. Since this is usually a group effort between kids and adults, the Mother's Day menu should incorporate dishes appropriate for chefs of all skill levels. Put younger children in charge of squeezing oranges for juice or making toast. Older ones can try their hand at scrambling eggs and mixing pancake batter. Dads, of course, should oversee sharp objects and stove or oven operations.

Suggested Menu:

  • EntrĂ©e: Blueberry pancakes or French toast
  • Side Dishes: Bacon or sausage (whichever mom prefers), scrambled eggs, fresh fruit
  • Beverages: Coffee and orange juice

For a Special Touch: Mix some Champagne with orange juice for a bubbly mimosa cocktail. A flower in a vase on the tray is also a must, and handmade Mother's Day cards from the kids will make the event extra special.

Recipes to Try: