10 No-cook Meals

Sandwiches are an easy no-cook solution. See more pictures of healthy soups and sandwiches.

No-cook meals are the perfect solution on days when it's just too hot to cook. They also come in handy during kitchen renovations, if your cooking range is on the fritz or on those busy days when you just want to sit down and eat with as little effort as possible. It can be tempting to eat out or order in on days like these, but this is also beyond the budget of many families, and no-cook meals can be a way to save money without sacrificing flavor.

But can you really create a meal without turning on the oven or heating up a skillet? You might be surprised to see just how many great dishes you can create without cooking, from cold soups to pasta. Rather than nuking TV dinners, you can make these no-cook meals for about the same effort. And it's all healthy, too -- we're not asking you open cans of premade chili or use any sodium-laden packaged foods. Read on for 10 easy no-cook meal options you can throw together without breaking a sweat.