How to Order Off the Menu

What if you're craving something that's not on the menu? See more pictures about dining out.
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Is a restaurant's menu the final word on dining fare, or just a starting point? There are several reasons you might want to order a dish that's not listed on the menu:

  • You have food allergies or dietary restrictions
  • You heard about a particular dish the restaurant serves, but it's not listed on the menu
  • You've had a tasty dish or daily special that you'd like to eat again
  • You want to try what the staff is eating
  • Your favorite dish dropped off the new menu
  • You want to impress friends that you're "in" with the chef
  • You're brave, you're flush with cash, and you crave adventure

Whatever your reason for going off-menu, here are some pointers to help you get the meal you want on your night out.