How Do They Make Hollow Chocolate Easter Rabbits?

These chocolate bunnies are delicious and hollow. How do they do it? Betsie Van der Meer/Getty Images


­Every Easter you can buy all sorts of hollow chocolate candies — chocolate eggs, chocolate rabbits, and so on. The funny thing is that the hollowness seem­s to actually give them a different taste or texture somehow. A hollow rabbit is definitely a different eating experience than a solid one!

­There are two common ways to make a hollow egg or rabbit:

  1. If you are using a mold that is open at one end - Fill a mold full of melted chocolate, let it sit for a moment or two and then pour the liquid chocolate out. Some of the chocolate will have solidified on the inside of the mold. This is also a common technique for making filled chocolates (for example, chocolate covered cherries or cremes). It works well if there can be a hole in the figure (usually on the bottom) when you get done.
  2. If you are using a complete mold - Open the mold, fill it with some melted chocolate, close the mold and turn it so that the liquid chocolate coats the entire inside of the mold. Then open the mold after the chocolate has solidified.

­You can try the second approach if you have some chocolate and a plastic Easter egg that opens at the middle. Melt the chocolate and pour some into the plastic egg. Close the egg and rotate it in all directions to coat the interior evenly. Open the plastic egg and remove the chocolate — cooling in the refrigerator may make things easier. If you find it sticks, coat the inside of the plastic egg with a bit of oil or butter first­.­ To get more information on candy, Easter, rabbits and more, check out the links below.­

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