Ultimate Guide to the Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet Menu

The basics of the raw food menu include the fruit, nut, vegetable a­nd seed staples of the vegetarian diet, with the addition of enzymes and supplements to replace meat. As long as it's not cooked, it fits. But what that means is that fried tofu, heated tempeh, broiled broccoli, baked potatoes and slices of seared squash are out. Here's what's in:

  • natural fruits (but no seedless hybrids)
  • green-leafed veggies (no hybrids)
  • melons and sweet sugar fruits
  • avocadoes and other fatty foods
  • citrus fruits like orange and lemon to detoxify
  • nuts in moderation
  • rice (if soaked in water and "cooked" with natural heat from the sun) [source: Wolfe]

As you can see, raw food can be as normal or as imaginative as you can make it as long as it's unprocessed and natural. Let's take a look at the advantages of living (and eating) like this.