10 Essentials for Crock-Pot Recipes


Live Dangerously

Look beyond salt and pepper when dreaming up your next slow cooker concoction.
Look beyond salt and pepper when dreaming up your next slow cooker concoction.

In addition to a few exotic spices, slow cooker recipes use some unusual ingredients, like jams, nuts and seeds. You may be used to pouring a little Sherry on your stir-fry, but kicking it up a notch to include a quarter cup of pecans in your pork dishes or a dollop of chutney in your meat loaf may be outside of your comfort zone. Before you pass on the dried raisins or pickled ginger, remember that the strong flavor you're worried about probably won't impact the recipe the way you expect. Why not walk on the wild side and give it a try? You might end up discovering your signature dish.

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