10 Essentials for Crock-Pot Recipes


Spice it Up

When you're exploring the world of slow cooking, don't forget the herbs and spices. One of the things you'll begin to notice when you look at a few slow recipes is that slow cooking uses lots of herbs and spices. From commonplace spices you know and love, like parsley, to curries and other exotic fare you've never heard of before.

Although it can seem daunting, don't omit that cumin or cardamom. Blending flavors is what makes this culinary discipline so exciting and unique. Flavors can morph into something unforgettable. As a matter of fact, why not plan on adding a few extra spices to your repertoire? Remember, no single spice will take center stage. After all, some popular chili recipes call for cinnamon and allspice. Really.