10 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Clean Kitchen

Limit Household Use of Harsh Chemicals

When things get really dirty, it's easy to think you have to bring in the heavy artillery. Cleaning agents used in kitchens and bathrooms kill germs because they consist of a string of strong chemicals that get the job done, but can also leave residue behind.

Humans aren't immune to the biological effects of strong anti-bacterial agents, and keeping your home clean using safe practices can be challenging. One thing is certain, though. Maintaining a regular cleaning regimen keeps bacteria under control, so there's less of it to deal with. The chemicals you use, whether you decide to go green or employ a more aggressive, powerful option, will be available in reduced concentrations at any given time. If you've ever spent a weekend of heavy-duty cleaning only to have your home smell like you're preparing a chemical stew, you know what we mean.

We love the idea of cleaning with wholesome products like white vinegar, a mild but effective acid, and baking soda, a mild abrasive. Whether you go this route or not, a little regular cleaning will create lower concentrations of harsh chemicals and less opportunity for dangerous exposure than a quarterly cleaning marathon.

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