5 Tips for Cleaning Your Refrigerator Quickly

Organize the Edibles
Organizing your food into groups will make transferring them back and forth much easier.
©iStockphoto.com/Maurice van der Velden

Cleaning the fridge is a good time to organize the contents to make them more visible and accessible. Food that's easily seen and reached is less likely to be overlooked and turn into a future source of odors. Also, spacing foods to allow a free flow of chilled air helps to keep them at their peak.

You might also review the owner's manual or favorite source of food knowledge to learn how and where to store different items. Storing foods in the proper location prolongs their quality and shelf life. Plus, some foods need to be separated for their own good. Apples give off ethylene gas as they ripen, for example, which can send green beans into early decline. On the other hand, apples are overwhelmed by the odor and taste of onions.

When you clean, collect foods from each area of the fridge into separate containers. Use coolers for fish and other foods that spoil easily; a simply bowl will suffice for hardier foods like pickles. You can even group those on the table or counter. Check all expiration dates and give questionable items the smell test. Pitch funky potato salad or slimy ham before it becomes a menace.

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