How to Cook Eggs

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Here are a few recipes from our collection that use eggs:

Eggs are one of the world's most versatile foods. They can be prepared in many ways -- from simple scrambled eggs to an elegant omelet. They provide an inexpensive and easy-to-prepare source of protein. In addition, eggs perform several important functions in cooking and baking.

Dairy items, such as butter, milk, cheese, and cream, are also essential parts of the American diet. Milk is a popular and nutritious beverage obtained from mammals, usually cows in the United States. It's used for more than just drinking. Cream is the thick part of milk that contains a rich concentration of butterfat. Butter is made from cream and is a primary element in baking. Cheese comes in all different forms and also is used in a number of recipes.

In this article, we'll discuss the wide variety of ways to prepare eggs. Let's start by learning the basics, such as what to look for when buying eggs, in the next section.

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