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How to Make Goodie Bags

Make cute and festive goody bags to hand out to your guests.
Make cute and festive goody bags to hand out to your guests.
Marija Jure

We all know the goodie bag is a staple of children's parties everywhere, but did you know that they can be a fine treat for adults as well? Whether given to children or adults, to invited guests or the unexpected drop-in, well-planned goodie bags will make your party something to remember.

While the generic goodie bag is always nice, you can make goodie bags more festive and meaningful by tying them to the theme of your party. What is the occasion? The answer will guide you in filling the goodie bag with appropriate items.

If it's Thanksgiving, attach decorative leaves or plastic grapes with autumn-colored ribbons. At Easter, you can fill them with plastic Easter eggs or chocolates. For great holiday season goodie bags, fill appropriately decorative bags with small Christmas or Hannukah cookies.

If the goodie bags are going to given to children, little toys or games from a dollar-type store are also appropriate and are always appreciated. Pass them out at the beginning or at the end of your party or you can leave them by the door with a sign so guests can pick one up on their way out.

Goodie bags make perfect party favors as well as gifts for unexpected guests, but there is more to holiday entertaining than just goodie bags. Follow the link for tips on making your holiday party perfect.

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