Types of Apples

Not all apples are created equal but all are healthy and delicious. See more pictures of apples.
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Q. What types of apples are good for baking?

A. From Mom's apple pie to a healthy afternoon snack, this scrumptious fruit has long been a part of our culture. Americans love the versatile apple in everything from salads to desserts. With so many varieties available, selecting the right apple can be a little confusing.

Because each of the myriad varieties of apple has its own, unique qualities, knowing which to bake and cook with can be a little tricky. Here are several of the most popular varieties, hand-picked to let you know which ones are best for cooking, baking and snacking.


  • Red Delicious: This crisp, sweet and juicy apple is the great all-American fruit snack. Its deep red color makes it an attractive addition to salads. Red Delicious apples are not recommended for baking, since they lose much of their flavor when cooked.
  • Golden Delicious: Known as the all-purpose baking apple, the Golden Delicious apple is semi-firm and has a very thin skin. It has a rich sweet flavor that lends itself to snacking, baking, applesauce and pies.
  • McIntosh: This tart apple is softer in texture than other dessert apples and makes a delicious saucy filling for apple pies. Its soft pink flesh makes a very pretty sauce.
  • Granny Smith: For those who prefer tart to sweet, this is the apple for you. The tart flavor increases when the apple is baked or sautéed. It is available year round and is excellent for pies, applesauce or even a snack.


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