What are French Fries?

By: the Editors of Easy Home Cooking Magazine

Do French fries have anything to do with France?
©Ramzi Hashisho


Q. What are French Fries?

A. Although French fries are quite common in restaurants in France, where they are called pommes frites, the origin of the term here in America is still something of a debate.

In cooking terminology, frenching means to cut food in lengthwise strips. You're familiar with French-cut green beans? French fries are the same thing, only with potatoes. This is one school of thought.

The other opinion is that Thomas Jefferson brought the fried potato to America after coming across the dish in Paris. While there is no dispute that the French fry is an American invention, those that hold with this opinion believe that the French fry was named after the country where Jefferson found fried potatoes.

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