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Condiments & Garnishes

Condiments & Garnish can make good meals great and great meals downright irresistible. See how to prepare and accessorize your dishes with the best condiments and garnishes.

Garnishes are by their very nature not meant to serve as the major attraction, but rather to accentuate the look and taste of overall cuisine.

Salad Dressings can embolden even the most boring leafy vegetables. Learn how to make all types of salad dressings from a light balsamic-herb vinaigrette to hot spicy mustard.

Salsa is a blend of peppers, spices and chiles. By adjusting the intensity and amount of each of these elements, you can change the texture and the taste of your salsa.

Spreads & Butters run the gamut in taste, flavor and ingredients, including everything from Chickpea Spread to Strawberry Butter.

Savory Sauces are a favorite for beginner cooks and seasoned chefs alike because these recipes can help to either blend or differentiate all the tastes and textures on your plate.

Sweet Sauces are generally fruit-based or at least contain a fruit or fruit abstract, and all of them - as the name implies - will sweeten your dish.