5 Savory Ketchup-based Sauces

Wait until you see what's in store for this little ketchup packet. See more heirloom tomato pictures.
Nick M Do/Digital Vision/Getty Images

For a lot of people, it's not possible to really enjoy a hot dog, hamburger or a plate of french fries without this very popular condiment. After all, what complements hot, salty fries better than a cool dollop of sugary tomatoes? We're talking about ketchup, of course.

Most bottled ketchups contain a mixture of concentrated tomatoes, vinegar, sugar (or corn syrup), salt and spices. But while ketchup is already a sauce unto itself, the fact that you're likely to have it in your refrigerator right now is enough reason to start considering it as an ingredient in a variety of savory sauces. Read on to find out how ketchup-based sauces can make your meals more delicious.