5 Autumn Apples

Red Delicious

The most popular apple sold in the United States, the Red Delicious has been the superstar of American apple varieties since the 1940s. First discovered by Jess Hiatt on his farm in Peru, Iowa, in 1872 and named the "Hawkeye", this sweet, mildly flavored apple was eventually purchased by the Stark Brothers Nursery and renamed the "Delicious." The "Red Delicious" moniker was added later, probably to distinguish it from their "Golden Delicious" apple.

The Red Delicious has a deep crimson color and five distinctive pedestal extensions, or feet, on the bottom. It's typically large, lustrous and stores well, making it a favorite with growers and consumers alike.

  • Color - Medium to dark red
  • Flavor - Sweet and juicy
  • Flesh - Lightly crisp
  • Best - Fresh
  • Harvested - Starting in September

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