5 Easy Finger Food Dinners

Chicken fingers are a classic, easy and delicious finger food. See more pictures of classic snacks.

Whether you're throwing a party or simply in the mood for pint-sized cuisine, tiny finger foods are a delicious way to satisfy even the largest appetites. Often including the fancy-sounding hors d'oeuvres and canapés, finger foods are exactly what they sound like: foods that can be picked up and eaten by hand, rather than with a fork or spoon. You'd look pretty silly spearing a buffalo wing with a fork, right?

Finger foods are often served at parties, as they're more cost-effective than serving a huge meal to every guest. But they're an affordable choice for family meals, too. In fact, finger foods have become so popular that the freezer section of your local supermarket is likely full of items ready to be enjoyed at a moment's notice. If frozen goods don't exactly make your mouth water, however, many recipes are a cinch to prepare yourself.

If finger foods sound appealing to you on more than just a party-time basis, keep reading for five easy and delicious options that people of all ages are sure to appreciate.