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In Western Culture Main Dishes generally feature one or more meats cooked to perfection. There are many ways to cook a main dishes, including grill, bake, broil, smoke, marinate or even lightly sautee.

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Is Wagyu Really Better Beef?

Wagyu is among the most expensive types of beef in the world, but is it really better beef and, if so, why?

Tendergroin, Cowboy Caviar: Just What Are Rocky Mountain Oysters?

It's the meat that's launched a thousand jokes. But how did Rocky Mountain oysters get their name and what do they taste like?

Pasta's Not Fattening — Really

A new study says eating pasta may help you lose weight. We were skeptical too — until we looked at the evidence.

Kabobs: 5 Easy, Healthy and Fun Recipes

Easy, versatile and nearly foolproof, kabobs can be adapted to any sort of cuisine. Give these five tasty and healthy variations a try.

Have Tapas for Dinner! 5 Delicious Tapas Recipes

Tapas have come to mean almost any type of appetizer or finger food, but that doesn't mean they aren't hearty enough to be a full meal. Here are five Spanish tapas recipes that will have everyone saying delicioso at dinnertime.

5 Essentials for Easy Deep South Dinners

If you think that authentic Southern cuisine is too time-consuming, think again. Here are five essentials for quick and easy Deep South dinners.

5 Essentials for Quick Salads for Dinner

The world is your oyster when it comes to salads. You can use almost anything you want, and it's ready in minutes. These five essentials will make your prep time a snap.

5 Ideas for a Quick and Light Dinner

On weekday nights, most of us just want an easy crowd-pleasing dinner. So before you order a pizza or make your thousandth box of mac and cheese, check out these five ideas for quick and light meals.

5 Staples for Easy Low-fat Dinners

When you've had a busy day, it's tempting to stop for carry-out than to go home and cook. But healthier options are available with these five staples in your kitchen.

5 Tips for Quick and Easy Beef Dinners

One of the biggest determinants of how long you'll spend cooking is your protein source, and happily, the ever-popular beef option is fully conducive to getting a healthy meal on the table in no time. Here, five tips on how to do it.

Freeze and Reheat: 10 Make-ahead Meals

Frozen food can be an asset to anyone who doesn't have time to cook an entire meal. So why not freeze some dinners to reheat at a later date?

The Meatball: 5 Quick Recipes for This American Classic

Meatballs aren't just for spaghetti anymore! Learn how you can use these savory morsels to create tasty, innovative meals for your family.

What's the quickest way to cook pork chops?

Long known and loved as "the other white meat," pork is every bit as versatile as chicken. Pork chops, in particular, are delicious, healthy and easy to prepare in any number of ways. So what's the fastest way to take them from fridge to plate?

Your Family Will Love Breakfast for Dinner -- Here's Why

Bacon, eggs and apple-butter-slathered toast are an unexpected delight when served around 6 p.m. But breakfast for dinner has more than just novelty going for it. Why do lots of families turn tradition on its head come mealtime?

10 5-minute Dinner Ideas

Between work, school, homework and household chores, sometimes it's a wonder that our families get fed at all. But these 10 dinners are nutritious and delicious without being a major time suck.

10 Best Five-Ingredient Dinner Meals

Cooking doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, there are quite a few dishes that only require a handful of ingredients. Read on to discover our picks for the 10 best five-ingredient dinner meals.

10 Easy Dinner Ideas on a Budget

Unless you're a successful professional chef with plenty of free time on your hands, you most likely engage in a nightly struggle to put something tasty, easy and affordable on the table. Check out these dishes to end your dinner pain.

10 Essentials for Quick Casseroles

Casseroles are delicious and relatively easy to make. But they're not always quick. So what do you need to punch out a tasty dish that'll feed your family but won't force you to stay in the kitchen cooking all night?

10 Things You Can Make With a Can of Black Beans

Black beans are a versatile, tasty ingredient in soups, salads, chili and even brownies! Here are 10 things you can make with a can of black beans.

5 Best 30-minute Dinner Recipes

Great meals don't have to take hours. It's easy enough to whip up a delicious, adventurous or maybe even impressive dinner in fewer than 30 minutes. What are five of the tastiest quick recipes in the TLC cookbook?

5 Cooking Tools for Quick Dinners

With the invention of cool kitchen gadgets, prepping for dinner is easier than ever. Check out our list of your five must-haves.

5 Easy Camping Dinner Recipes

Campfires are good for more than s'mores and ghost stories. They can give you a gourmet meal if you know what to bring in your pack.

5 Easy Comfort Food Dinners

Comfort food dinners make you feel warm and fuzzy, and not just because eating them can evoke happy memories of home. They're also usually a breeze to make. Here are five American comfort food favorites that won't make you a slave to your kitchen.

5 Easy Finger Food Dinners

Finger foods are perfect mealtime options for the days when a fork and knife seem like way too much trouble. Learn more about five of our favorite easy, family-friendly finger food options!

5 Easy One-pan Dinners

You're short on time, and your family is hungry for dinner. What to cook? Here we highlight five one-pan meals that are nutritious, flavorful crowd-pleasers.