5 Great Hot Chocolate Recipes

Spice up your hot chocolate this winter. See more pictures of holiday noshes.

Hot chocolaty beverages have been enjoyed since the 16th century, and back then, many believed that they had medicinal benefits. The Spanish brought the drink back from the New World to Europe, but at the time, it was made with spicy chili powders. Back in Spain, they tried adding sugar instead and the rest is history. Nowadays, hot chocolate is enjoyed by people of all ages when they need a sweet wintertime warm-up. You can always buy the instant packets in the grocery store, but there's no substitution for the real thing -- a high-quality melted chocolate, whipped hot milk and of course, the marshmallow or whipped cream topper. Even the most basic hot chocolate is a treat, but here are five recipes that will take your cocoa to the next level.