Beverage Facts

The Beverages section deals with how all sorts of drinks actually work. Learn the affects that tea, beer, water and other beverages can have on your metabolism and overall health.

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Water Is Free. Why Do Americans Spend Billions on the Bottled Stuff?

In 2017, bottled water surpassed soda as Americans' favorite drink. How did water, something we get for free, become a multi-billion-dollar business?

The Fascinating History of Lemonade

Lemonade has a long and storied history, from its beginnings in ancient Egypt all the way to current 21st-century pop culture.

The Coffee Belt and Your Morning Joe

To begin to understand the Coffee Belt, you first have to know what makes for a tasty coffee bean.

Wasted Bread Is Being Brewed Into Craft Beer

You know that last loaf of bread that no one wants? It could get transformed into microbrews, courtesy of an organization that's passionate about both ending food waste and making delicious beer.

Drinking Noncow’s Milk May Stunt Children's Growth

Nondairy milk alternatives are growing in popularity, deemed healthier by many almond and soy milk drinkers. But a new study shows a nondairy milk diet may have an unintended health effect on children.

What 'Percentage' Is Whole Milk?

Have you been thinking all wrong about the difference in fat content between milk varieties?

Cows Need Not Apply: Synthetic Vegan Lab Milk on the Horizon

By cutting cows out of the equation entirely, the company Perfect Day looks to create animal-free milk in a lab, benefiting the environment, cows — and the bottom line.

Here's What's Really in Your Pumpkin Spice Latte

Fall's official beverage, as some call it, is seriously lacking in pumpkin and spices.

Does whole milk spoil faster than skim milk?

Spoiler alert: Light and heat — not your milk's fat content — are what get bacteria excited.

10 Mind-blowing Alcohol Facts

Americans tend to think of their Puritan forebears as abstemious killjoys. But the truth is, they drank far more liquor than Americans of today. What other alcohol-related fact bubbles can we burst for you?

Should I pay any attention to my beer's 'born-on' date?

We're used to looking at the expiration date for milk but how about for beer? While some brands proudly display their beers' "date of birth," others hide it with some cryptic codes. Does the date affect the taste?

Does beer really make you fat?

If beer commercials are accurate, you can knock back plenty of brewskis without worrying about weight gain. Yet the existence of beer bellies proves otherwise.

How to Make a Still

You can make a still using just a pot, a wok, a glass and some ice. Learn about how to make a still in this article.

Juice and Smoothie Pictures

In a world of Big Gulps, it's nice to reach for a healthier, less carbonated alternative. Whether you make your own juice and smoothies or buy them at the market or cafe, you're doing your body a favor with every sip.

10 Essentials to Keep a Stocked Bar

Whether you're the kind of barkeep who throws impromptu happy hours or one who hosts lavish parties, you have to keep a stocked bar. These 10 essentials will get you through a thirsty summer, the holiday season and bad Mondays.

Go Virgin: Drinks Your Kids Can Say "Cheers" To

Just because children are too young to drink alcohol doesn't mean they have to be limited to boring beverages. These ideas for kiddie cocktails let children safely celebrate with the grown-ups.

Which drinks give you the worst hangovers -- and why?

If you've ever woken up to a pounding headache and a nauseous stomach, then you know how bad a hangover can be. But what drinks cause the worst hangovers?

Martinis, Bellinis and Cocktails, Oh My! Cocktail Pictures

Brewing up new cocktails can be a fun way to spice up your holiday party. These cocktail pictures will get the party started with quick and easy ideas suitable for any festive occasion.

5 Great Hot Chocolate Recipes

On a cold winter day, nothing can compare to a frothy mug of hot chocolate. To make it even better, just add a spoonful of whipped cream or a handful of marshmallows. But don't get tired of the same old drink; spice it up.

Perfect Homemade Eggnog

Eggnog is one of the signature drinks of the holiday season, and a cold (or warm) cup of this seasonal favorite is sure to get you into you the holiday spirit.

5 Cool Kiddie "Cocktails"

The noble art of mixology goes a long way past alcohol. These five kiddie "cocktails" are perfect for parties, special occasions or just a hot afternoon. The days of raising plastic cups of milk to toast are gone for good.

What is shade coffee?

To some of us, growing a crop in the shade is a perplexing concept. But for crops like coffee, shade is a good thing -- for the environment, for biodiversity and even for your cup of joe.

Apple Cider 101

Cider is the signature beverage of autumn, but you may be a little confused about the difference between apple cider and apple juice. Don't worry, it's a common question and has an answer that differs all over the United States.

The History of Cola

The next time you raise your glass or can of cola, say a silent thank you to the Coca-Cola Company. Even if your preference is Pepsi Cola or another lesser-known brand, it all began with Coke.