10 Best Herbs to Pair with Tomatoes

Oniony Chives
A pinch of chives for your soup
A pinch of chives for your soup

Chives are alliums and belong to the same family that includes onions, garlic and leeks. If you tend to shy away from powerful onion and garlic, don't worry -- they have a much more delicate flavor. Chives don't last long once they're picked, so be ready to use them in the kitchen quick. The subtle flavor is at its best when the herbs are raw or slightly heated, so add your chives at the very last minute.

Their light oniony taste makes them a great addition to vegetable cakes and fritters. You can make a delicious tomato and chive quiche with goat cheese for a quick afternoon snack for your kids, or you can sprinkle chives over some steamy tomato soup for a savory meal on a cold night.