10 Best Herbs to Pair with Tomatoes

Sweet Tarragon

Compared to the other herbs on this list, tarragon has a relatively recent history in European cuisine, going back only to the 16th century. This herb, with the wonderfully romantic nickname of dragon's wort, has a lovely sweet licorice taste to it that has made it a popular flavoring ingredient for salad dressings. Tarragon does lose its flavor after it's dried out, so put it to use in the kitchen right away. Also, make sure that you're using French tarragon in your cooking and not Russian tarragon, which has a coarser, less pleasing taste to it.

Tarragon can be used as the prime seasoning in a great spaghetti dish that children will wolf down and that you will love for its nutritional value and aesthetically pleasing look. Combine a tablespoon of the herb with small cut-up pieces of plum tomatoes, some ground pepper, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and mushrooms, and you've got a tasty mixture that can be spread over your pasta.