How to Build a Wine Rack

Wine Rack Plans

Wine rack plans run the gamut. Plans for a rack can be custom-designed, copied from an existing ra­ck or lifted from a design you've seen at someone else's home. Many plans are available from craft and supply stores, in do-it-yourself books and online. Some plans are even free -- downloadable from the Internet. Options range from decorative wall-mounted racks that hold up to six bottles to racks that can hold two cases of wine or more [source: Free Woodworking Plans].

When you're considering what type of rack to make, think about where it's going to sit in your home. Then factor in the quantity of bottles it will hold, how it will be used (as a serving station) and whether you want it to hold stemware.

Smaller racks can be placed on a countertop or mounted on a wall. Others can be fitted with a top, used as a serving table or made into a cart. Racks can also be designed to mimic existing room cabinetry to help them fit in with your home's décor. Some racks are strictly utilitarian, meant to maximize storage for use in a cellar or closet [source: Free Woodworking Plans].

Do you prefer to store each bottle individually, or would you rather save space by storing several bottles together in a diamond-shaped slot? Consider your long-term storage needs. If you plan on adding to your collection, a modular, stackable wine rack might be the best choice to make unless you don't mind starting from scratch again when your bottles have exceeded the spaces in your rack.

What skills and tools do you bring to the table? Unless you have skills necessary for working with metal, plan on working with wood. If you want simple and only have basic tools, kits are available to help you assemble a wine rack, requiring little more than a hammer or screwdriver. There are even plans that show you how to make wine racks out of window screens and PVC pipe [Source: Connors].

Many plans come with drawings or patterns that are used as templates for cutting the wood. All should have measurements and diagrams. Some can be downloaded for free off the internet.

Next, find out what kind of supplies you'll need to build a wine rack.