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Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck's dishes always deserve two thumbs up!
Wolfgang Puck's dishes always deserve two thumbs up!
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"Live, Love, Eat!" is the trademarked battle cry of the passionate and renowned Wolfgang Puck, who has achieved celebrity status as chef to the stars. Puck's vast empire is valued at more than $500 million and consists of numerous restaurants and cookbooks, a line of cookware and packaged goods, and a hopping catering business -- which serves as the official caterer of the Academy Awards Governor's Ball.

Puck was one of the first chefs to use a combination of French cooking techniques with locally-grown ingredients and was credited with helping put California cuisine on the map. Throughout his illustrious career, he has consistently followed his simplistic creed of good food, friendly service and a nice environment. Puck has become one of the most successful American immigrants of the 20th century, but while he's known as an able businessman, his preference is to be in the kitchen. In addition to being a regular guest on "Good Morning America" for the past 20 years, Puck has had several of his own TV specials and has made cameo appearances on numerous sitcoms.

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