Top 10 Celebrity Chefs


Anthony Bourdain

An expert French chef by trade, Bourdain is known for his biting wit and unadulterated honesty concerning all things food- and chef-related (he's particularly open regarding his feelings toward fellow celeb cook Rachael Ray). Currently, Bourdain is the Chef-at-large at Les Halles in New York City; however, he has no plans to open any other restaurants anytime soon, citing his age and the hectic pace of restaurant life as the main factors.

Instead, Bourdain prefers to travel the globe as host of the Travel Channel's hit series "No Reservations" and "The Layover," sampling and providing his expert opinion on a range of international "delicacies" that would terrify the rest of us. These exotic dishes are a far cry from escargot, which many regular people find intimidating. Nope, Bourdain has sampled everything from raw seal eyeball to fermented shark to warthog rectum. That's right, rectum. That's not to say that he enjoyed all these dishes, but he tried them, which has to count for something!