Top 10 Celebrity Chefs


Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay knows his way around a kitchen.
Bobby Flay knows his way around a kitchen.
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Flay's television career is storied and impressive, having started out on Food Network in 1994. Currently, he's most well-known for his presence on "Iron Chef America," a popular cooking competition show, as well as for being the host of "The Next Food Network Star."

Known for high-end restaurants like New York City's Mesa Grill, Flay has branched out into the more affordable culinary sector with his popular chain of burger joints, aptly named "Bobby's Burger Palace." Who says good cooking has to come with a hefty price tag? Menu items include onion rings, sweet potato fries and the Crunchburger, which is topped with potato chips and pickles.

This Iron Chef's prowess doesn't end with television and restaurants, though. He's written a dozen cookbooks over the years and is also an active philanthropist for a variety of worthy causes.