Top 5 Reasons You Know You Should be a Pastry Chef


You're a Little Obsessive-compulsive

How meticulous are you about your baking?
How meticulous are you about your baking?

Although it takes huge talent to be either a pastry chef or a savory chef, pastry chefs in particular seem to have an eye for detail. This works out well for baking, since the process relies on a lot of science. You can't just toss flour, baking soda and yeast into a bowl and then just see how it all works out. Chemical reactions need to take place, measurements must be precise and temperature is key. Are you the kind of person who craves order? Do you arrange all the ingredients out on the counter in tiny little pre-measured bowls? Do you run not one, but two, timers -- just in case one malfunctions? Then you'll probably make a great pastry chef.