How to Get Your Big Break into the Baking Business

Bring Home the Baking

Before you fire up the oven, you have some research to do. Do you live in a state that allows you to cook food in your home to sell to the public? There aren't many states that do, so you're probably going to have to find a licensed kitchen to work out of. Fortunately, many cities and towns have incubator kitchen space to rent, for people like yourself who are just getting started. If not, you can always approach a nearby restaurant or bakery to see if you can rent some time in their kitchen during their off hours. Churches and hotels also have commercial kitchens, so that may be an option. You're also going to need to get all of your business licenses squared away, and expect this to take a little time. Most states have pretty specific regulations for food businesses, because food-borne illness is a big liability.

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