How to Throw a Wine Country Party

Wine Country Party Favors

Party favors are definitely not a requirement for wine country parties, but they can be meaningful tokens for your guests to remember your event. The most common wine country party favors are personalized wine glasses, wine charms, wine bottle toppers, totes to carry wine to BYOB restaurants and picture frames. To be fun and creative, craft a party favor using wine corks. Buy an inexpensive picture frame and glue unique wine corks to it to create a wine-themed gift. You could follow up by sending your guests a photo of the group at the party.

Haunt your local wine shops for fun gifts; many times, if you order in bulk, they’ll give you a discount. Or visit your local winery and purchase gift cards that guests can use toward either attending a wine tasting or purchasing some wine.

If you’re not a fan of party favors, focus on thank you notes, especially if you asked your guests to bring something to your party. Sit down the next day and write a quick thank you note on a nice piece of stationery or a wine-themed postcard. If you didn’t ask guests to bring anything, simply thank them for attending the affair. In your note, recall an anecdote about a conversation you had or a favorite wine that you tasted. Your guests will be thrilled to know that their presence was acknowledged and appreciated.

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