Ultimate Guide to the Queensland Wine Region

Famous Wines of Queensland



In the world of wine, Queensland is still somewhat of a rooky in comparison to the producers in areas where viticulture spans centuries. This reflects in the final products Queensland presents. They are still experimenting and testing their options by working with alternative ingredients and foreign grapes.

Some of the most popular or practiced varieties of the Queensland wine region include:

  • Shiraz
  • Chardonnay
  • Semillon
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Merlot
  • Verdelho
  • Chambourcin

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As mentioned previously, Australia has gotten creative and experimental with their wine production in an effort to allow the tropical northern region a piece of the market. While these areas don't have plentiful grape output, they have successful growth of other fruit crops like pineapple, mango and passion fruit. In recent years, the area has used these fruits as a substitute to produce new varieties of wine [source: Wine].

The Shiraz is probably the regions most popular selection. That variety, along with dessert wines, has done well in Queensland. Because of that development, experimenting with the sweet tropical fruits of the north could prove fruitful for the region -- in more ways than one.

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