5 Italian Dishes Kids Can Make

Pizza Pasta Bowls
Children can sprinkle the toppings on these pasta bowls. monkeybusinessimages/Thinkstock

Pizza pasta bowls are simple to make and can be customized to suit the palate of each child. Adults, begin by cooking at least one type of pasta (more if you want to offer choices). Meanwhile, junior sous-chefs can prep a variety of toppings, which you can delegate based on age. Very young children can tear basil and spinach leaves, and pull apart olives and pepperoni slices. Older children can shred fresh mozzarella, slice mushrooms and dice green peppers, tomatoes and other toppings.

Place individual toppings in bowls, buffet-style. Then encourage children to move their bowl of pasta through the line, adding as many -- or as few -- toppings as they'd like. For extra fun, kids can pretend to be wait staff by taking orders, and then preparing and delivering pasta dishes to their customers [source: Anderson].

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