Save vs. Splurge: Pacific or Atlantic Salmon (farmed vs. wild)

Is wild Pacific salmon worth the extra cost?
Is wild Pacific salmon worth the extra cost?

In the last 20 years, salmon farming has tripled the world supply of salmon. In 1985, only 6 percent of salmon you'd find at the grocery was farmed. But in 2000, 58 percent came from farm production, according to a University of Albany study.

Farmed Atlantic salmon accounts for 85 percent of all of the world's farmed salmon. Due to the surge in the availability of farm-raised salmon, it's less expensive than wild salmon. In fact, while farmed Atlantic salmon costs $6 to $7 a pound, wild Pacific salmon can cost two or three times that much.

So when should you save and buy the farmed salmon, and when should you splurge on the wild stuff?

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