10 Reasons You Should Have Lemons in Your Fridge


Combating Cancer

Hot tea with lemon is a winning combination.
Hot tea with lemon is a winning combination.
John A. Rizzo/Getty Images

Drinking hot black or green tea with lemon peel in it has been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of skin cancers by up to 70 percent [source: BBC]. Lemon helps prevent sunburn and, in turn, acts as a skin cancer preventative. The natural ingredients found in the combination of tea and lemon peel protect the body from the sun's harmful UV rays -- the primary cause of skin cancer. You've got to drink hot tea to reap the benefits. Iced teas are not nearly as effective in cancer prevention because the water from the ice dilutes the cancer-fighting ingredients found in both the lemon and the tea [source: BBC].

Instead of grabbing a cup of joe in the morning, try dunking a lemon peel into some hot tea. You might stave off the most common form of cancer in the United States, and it tastes good [source: Stanford]. Coffee will just help you wake up.