10 Tips for Grilling in Inclement Weather

Face Reality

Snow covers the ground and it's so cold your breath freezes as you exhale, yet you're determined to grill outdoors. You'll be fine if you acknowledge that grilling in wintry conditions isn't just like summer grilling with a warm coat added.

These preparations can help deal with the realities:

  • Clear a path: If there's snow on the ground, clear your walkway from house to grill, and a space around the grill. Otherwise, you may have slush that will become ice when the temperature drops or the sun sets. One slip, and you could hurt yourself and ruin dinner.
  • Clear the grill: If there's snow on the grill, get rid of it. It will lower the temperature inside the grill. Cold-weather grilling takes longer. Don't make it worse.
  • Check the grill: In the fall, spiders might see the gas lines, jets or burners of your grill as the perfect place to hunker down in cocoons. They can clog the gas flow.
  • Dress appropriately: It's cold outside, but you're still dealing with fire. Avoid flowing scarves, flapping coattails and floppy sleeves. Go for compact layers, thermal fabrics, turtlenecks and snug jackets and caps.

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