Top 5 Egg Tips

Making an Omelet Masterpiece

Making an omelet can be surprisingly difficult and may drive novice chefs scrambling mad. However, if you add the right amount of ingredients and aren't too hasty about flipping that precious egg pie, you'll be frying up omelets like a pro.

The first and most important step to making an omelet is to exercise patience. Remember, these aren't scrambled eggs you're cooking here. You have to let the eggs cover the pan and cook for awhile. Don't even touch them until your mixture has solidified on the bottom and has nearly cooked through. Then, add in the extras.

Here comes the tricky part: the all-important flip. Run a spatula around the edges of the eggs, making sure they won't stick to the pan. Once that's done, carefully slide the spatula underneath the center portion of the soon-to-be-omelet, and gently flip it up over the other half. The omelet will need to cook a few minutes longer, but once you've got the flip down, the hard part's over.

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